How to Use a Sighting Compass for Feng Shui

Why use a Sighting Compass for Feng Shui? Aren’t expensive Lou Pans best for taking a Feng Shui reading?

Lou Pans require that you look down at them in order to read the compass while simultaneously looking forward at the building.

Your Feng Shui reading is only as good as you compass reading is accurate.

A professional Sighting Compass lets you line your self up squarely with the building, while still being able to see the compass numbers.

Also, with the compass I present here, I am able to accurately read the direction of a building down to 1/4 of a degree!

1. Hold the Sighting Compass up to your eye so that you can look down through the eyepiece and see the compass numbers while alternately looking over the top of the compass to view the subject.

2. Line up the subject with the Vertical Lubber line in the compass. Alternately veiwing the compass numbers through the eyepeice.

Be patient, it took me several days to really get the hang of this.

3. Now download the two (pdf) articles How to Take a Feng Shui Compass Reading and How to Determine Your Home’s Sitting and Facing.

If you have any questions or comments please join our free Traditional Feng Shui Discussion Group and ask them there.

feng shui compass

feng shui compass in english feng shui compass in chinese

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